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Sharepoint migration Temporary storage on your local computer is too low.

During SharePoint migrations, the Microsoft tool provided sets up a temp folder under C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\, which ideally, at minimum, has 150Gb of space available. Due to many server setups, you can find that you receive the error saying Temporary storage on your local computer is too low with the error code 0x02010023. Below is how to fix and work around it.

You can try clearing up space on C Drive or move the Migration folder. To move the migration folder, you will need to make a link to another drive.

How to work around

Please note that screenshots don’t show the correct path, just the command.

  1. Run command prompt as admin
  2. make a new folder on your preferred drive with space: mkdir x:\MigrationToolStorage
  1. cd into the current location of your migration folder: cd C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SPMigration\Logs\Migration
  1. rename your current storage location: rename MigrationToolStorage MigrationToolStorageOld
  1. make a symlink: mklink /D MigrationToolStorage x:\MigrationToolStorage

You should now be able to continue your migration. If you can not rename or create the folder, first stop the service ‘SharePoint Migration Service’

Additional information

How much space does the SharePoint migration tool need?

Typically Microsoft recommends at least 150Gb of free storage available on your C: drive; however, more may be required depending on how large the move is and what sort of files are being moved.

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