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Pro Presenter 7 system specs and resource utilisation

Pro Presenter 7 system specs and resource utilisation 6

Pro Presenter 7 System

We were in desperate need for a new Pro Presenter system, our normal machine was an Mac mini from 2011 and just was not cutting it, we couldn’t run stage display well and the system was just dying in general.

Our requirements were to run Pro Presenter 7 with 4 outputs. Outputs required are operator screen, projector, foyer screen and stage display with preview of projector.

After trying to research our requirements and what other people were using it was obvious not much information is around so had to make a educated guess and thing we got a decent all around system with the ability to grow.


How does it go

System itself performance is good we can run all screens with video playing without lagging or jittering Pro Presenter says around 97 frames per second.

GPU Performance is sitting around 38% utilisation so rendering should be good as well.

As you can see above this is with all screens working with performance to spare. I definitely prefer to overbuilt than to have just enough. Let me know your specs and thoughts.

Below are just a few extra photos showing everything working.

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