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Perfect toasted bacon πŸ₯“ and egg πŸ₯š sandwich πŸ₯ͺ or sausage in this case.

Personally I don’t think there is anything better than toasted sandwiches for breakfast. They are quick and easy to eat and can be eaten while driving.

These photos are from a sausage and egg sandwich but normally I would have bacon.



1. Precook bacon (or sausage) in a pan and set aside.

2. Break eggs into bowl and whisk and salt and pepper to season.

3. Heat up pan large enough to place bread slices side by side on medium heat.

4. Butter bread slices while pan heats up.

5. Pour whisked eggs into pan and place bread butter side up on top.

6. Once egg is cooked flip bread egg and bread over.

7. Place bacon (or sausage) onto one side and add sauce if desired.

8. Fold in excess eggs and fold over other slice on top. Ensure both sides are toasted to your desired taste.

Serve a enjoy.

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