Pan cooked pizza 🍕 1

Pan cooked pizza 🍕

Ok so we don’t own a pizza oven but what we do own is a oven and a pan. I came across a pan fried pizza from a YouTube channel called sortedfood

I thought hey let’s give it a go, so off I went to get some ingredients for the base and topping.

For the base:

  • 500g pizza flour
  • 7g yeast
  • Tsp salt
  • Tsp sugar
  • 300g water

Mixed the dough together and knead

Pan cooked pizza 🍕 2

While the dough was resting I precooked the toppings as the pizza will come together quickly.

I made two pizzas, one on the pan and another on a pizza tray I quickly picked up from the shops.

On the tray I made a bacon and pineapple as our daughter loves it and secretly please bespoke tastes good on a Hawaiian pizza.

In the pan we did bacon, sausage, red onion and chorizo.

To ensure you get the base nice and hot on the pan pizza, place the pan over the stop until fully heated and hot.

Place the dough in the pan and then place sauce, toppings and cheese. And sprinkle with olive oil.

Place the pan in the oven under the grill and allow to cool for about 5 minutes.

I tell you what, I am impressed, the base was crispy, and fully cooked.

The other pizza on the pizza tray was also good but not as crispy but would still recommend.

Pan cooked pizza 🍕 3
Pan cooked pizza 🍕 4
Pan cooked pizza 🍕 5
Pan cooked pizza 🍕 6

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