Microsoft Wireless Display not working

This one had me rattled for a bit however, after some heavy googling and testing I discovered that the issue with our wireless Display was due to Intune endpoint management. THIS WILL NEED ENABLING

Adding a Firewall Rule to fix Intune or Azure Directory Casting Problems 

Note: This solution requires administrative privileges to implement. If you are a user, please forward this article to your IT

  1. Go to Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center > Devices > Windows

2. Click Configuration profiles > +Create Profile 

3. Select these options 

a. Platform: Windows 10 or later 

b. Profile type: Templates 

c. Template name: Endpoint Protection 

4. Name your profile – Something easy to recognise

5. In Configuration Settings expand Microsoft Defender Firewall

6. Scroll to Firewall rules and click Add

13. Basics 

a. Name: WUDFHost 

b. This name is what will appear in endpoints firewall rules 

c. Direction: Inbound 

d. Action: Allowed 

e. Network types: Private, Public, Domain 

14. Application Settings 

a. File path: %systemroot%\system32\WUDFHost.exe 

15. IP Address and Protocol Settings 

a. Local addresses: Any Address 

b. Remote addresses: Any Address 

c. Protocol: TCP 

d. Local Ports: All Ports 

e. Remote Ports: All Ports 

f. Interface Types: Remote Access, Wireless, Local Area Network 

16. Add devices or users

17. Sync Device to get new settings and test.

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