Install Kyocera Printers through Microsoft Intune

I have recently done a intune install for one of my clients and wanted to ensure printers would install automatically through Powershell and Intune. Below is the script i used.

You will need to run the Powershell as admin and in 64bit mode for the install to be successful. The Printer this script has been tested on was a Kyocera M5526cdw using PCL Universal Drivers. You could possibly the below PowerShell to install different printers but the driver import and download links would need to be changed.

Zip File with Powershell file: Download here

Set-ExecutionPolicy remotesigned

New-Item -Path C:\Temp -ItemType directory
#Download file
$clnt = new-object System.Net.WebClient
$url = ""
$file = "c:\Temp\"

Expand-Archive "c:\temp\" -DestinationPath "C:\Temp\PrinterDrivers" -Force

#Install Printer
Invoke-Command {pnputil.exe -a "C:\Temp\PrinterDrivers\KyoceraClassicU...v3.3_signed\KyoClassicUniversalPCL6_v3.3\OEMSETUP.inf" }
Add-PrinterDriver -Name "Kyocera Classic Universaldriver PCL6 (A4)"

Add-PrinterPort -Name "IP_192.168.1.51_KX" -PrinterHostAddress ""
Start-Sleep 30
Add-Printer -Name "Printer name" -ShareName "Printer Share namer"  -PortName IP_192.168.1.51_KX -DriverName "Kyocera Classic Universaldriver PCL6 (A4)"

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