Applications and solutions I use Daily


This has got to be one of the most used pieces of software I have installed. I use it daily, if not a few times a day to create screenshots or instructions and how to for clients.


Gridpane is my hosting panel of choice for WordPress and what I use for my Managed WordPress Hosting company. The tech stack is fantastic and covers all my needs.


Once again another service provider I rely on for my business, their servers have been rock solid and have helped my business grow through being scalable and growing with me. Linode


I use power toys to make my life easier in lots of little areas, from colour picking to image resizing. It has gotten me out of small issues many times.

Visual Code

I am by no means a master coder but still, Visual studio code has been a life saver. I do read a little code to resolve issues, write PowerShell scripts and use it to make notes. Once again it is always in my task bar and ready to go.

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